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So helpful! Tips on how to find your undertones 🎨

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Foundation usually comes in a variety of shades including warm, cool and neutral undertones. Knowing your undertone is the first step in picking out a foundation shade that will suit you. Certain colors and jewelry also look better on skin with certain undertones. Your skin tone is the surface layer which can range from light, to medium, to deep and everything in-between. Your undertone is beneath the surface layer and is just as important to match with your foundation. Using foundations that match your surface skin tone but not your undertone can leave it looking off. Usually, you notice something isn’t matching right, but you can’t put your finger on what it is. If this sounds familiar, the foundation is probably not matching your undertone. Cool shades have undertones of red, pink or blue. Warm shades have yellow or golden undertones. Neutral shades usually have a mixture of both warm and…

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Review: L’OREAL Visible Lift Blur Blush (Soft Pink)


Blush review today!

Photo du 2015-01-31 à 09.58

I don’t even know why I bought this, as I am not skilled at using blush. More of a ”contour and highlight” person here.

Price: 12.99$

I got Soft Pink, which is a very bright, Barbie pink colour. Very unoriginal name, btw.

The ”Blur” in the name explains the smoothness of the product: it feels like Jello Temptation Mousse Pudding (best comparaison I could do) when you squeeze it out of the tube, and when you blend it,  it smooths out your pores like a silicone based primer.


It takes more time to set up than powder blush, but it doesn’t look as dry and it is very natural. It is CRAZY pigmented, I only need the tiniest amount, as you can see below in the pictures. It gave me a radiant, healthy glow.

If you don’t use fluid blush very often (like me), you might have difficulty to squeeze out the product, as it dries out as the time goes. I didn’t feel like it lasted a very long time, maybe 5h max. I have a MAC blush that lasts me all day, so if you are looking for a long lasting blush, I would suggest you to get high end products.




  • Smooths out pores
  • Creamy texture
  • Satiny finish
  • Will lasts a LONG LONG time as you only need a tiny amount
  • Radiant, natural glow


  • Doesn’t last all day, not for long day work
  • Only 3 shades
  • A bit pricey for a drugstore product, considering ELF has a similar products
  • Products inside the tube will dry out if you don’t use it often.

Thanks for reading!

Review: PRINCESS PINKY Radiance series (Grey and Honey Brown)


I haven’t posted in awhile, so I will make a 2-in-1 review here. I will discuss two contact lenses from the PRINCESS PINKY series, available at PinkyParadise.

These are, if I understood correctly, made by PinkyParadise, so you can’t get them anywhere else.


Princess Pinky Radiance Grey Circle Lenses (Colored Contacts)

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal

PRINCESS PINKY Radiance Honey Brown

Princess Pinky Radiance Honey Brown Circle Lenses (Colored Contacts)

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal

Prescription availability [★★★★★]: I know that this isn’t a ”standard” criteria, but since my eyesight is SO bad, (-8.00!), this is very important to me. They are SO many lenses that I can’t have because they only run to -6.00 (I’m thinking the GEO Mimi Cafe series here). These run from 0.00 to -10.00! AWESOME.

Price [★★★☆☆]:  At 28.90$US, these are more pricey than your average circle lenses, probably because they are exclusive to PinkyParadise.

Color/Design [★★★★★] (grey) and [★★★☆☆] (brown):
Photo du 2015-01-24 à 12.36
I love the design. The grey ones are very, very, VERY, VERY (get it?) similar to the G&G Shinny Grey (PUFFY 3 TONE Grey), which I LOVE.  These have 3 colours in it, just the the Shinny Grey: a mix of grey, grey sky blue and gold.
Photo du 2015-02-05 à 09.04 #2
When put on, the brown colour is also kind of similar to the G&G Shinny Brown (PUFFY 3 TONE Brown), but with a brown ring instead of a dark brown ring, and with 2 tones instead of 3. I think I prefer the Shinny Brown design over the Princess Pinky design for the brown colour, I think the 3 tones looks more natural. I would suggest the Princess Pinky Hazel colour if you want a more natural look, since it has more tones in it. I like to wear the Honey Brown with minimal eye makeup and red lips.
Both colours are gorgeous and shows off well despite my dark brown/back eye colour. They have different colour tones and soft rings, making them very natural.

Comfort [★★★★★]: These lenses are 1 year disposal. They are SO soft, and they only get dry after a big night out (aka ”too lazy to remove my lenses” night out). I have found them to be a bit more comfortable than the G&G Shinny series. I don’t know why, but one of my lenses from the Shinny series (grey, brown, green) always ”slides down” (I think one of my eye is drier than the other one), which is a shame because I love the design a lot.

Enlargement [★★★☆☆]: I used to want my lenses to be very enlarging, but nowadays, I prefer a more ”tone down” look. These are 14.5mm, which satisfies me completely. However, if you want a big dolly, gyaru type of makeup, you might want to look for 14.8mm and up. I personally prefer ”less focus enlargement, more focus on colour/design”.
Overall [★★★★☆]: I love these lenses. The design is very similar to the Shinny series and more pricey, but they are more comfortable. The colours are bright, they show through and are so natural looking!. I’m really happy with these lenses, I will most likely get the blue and hazel colour.
Btw, these lenses were bought with my own money. Ain’t nobody sending me free stuffs.

Review: COVERGIRL + Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 CC cream / Foundation

Hi chickens.

Photo du 2015-02-05 à 09.03 #2

I believe this is my first CC cream review.

So this product is a bit special, as it is a foundation (the Covergirl beige part), a serum (the white Olay part) and a CC cream. This is when you try too hard in marketing…

Price: 14.99$CAN (at Target)

Smell: I LUUUVVV that smell! Some people hate it, as it is a very strong ”skincare moisturizing cream” scent and might cause irritation. But I personally really love it.

Packaging: It’s a pump where you can see how much product you have left. One pump dispense the perfect amount of product. The white/beige spirals in the plastic container is super cute.

Formula: Super creamy, very blendable formula. I found it best applied with your fingers. It oxidizes to 1/2-1 shade darker, (like most CC cream) so I suggest you pick up a shade lighter than your skin tone. It’s best for people with dry to normal skin. It’s also super moisturizing and hydrating due to the Olay serum, it feels very nice on the skin.

Coverage: Sheer to light-medium. I suggest using a concealer for problem areas as opposed of using 2-3 layers. CC creams aren’t meant for full coverage anyway.  It feels very light, which I am a fan of.

Finish: Soft dewy finish, very natural looking. I think it’s best suited for people with dry to normal skin. It doesn’t look cakey.

Longetivity: Not outstanding, but much better than the other CC creams that I have tried. This is the kind of foundation that you wear only on ”light” days (office day, take the dog out for a walk day…), as it fades off/oxidizes after 6-7h.




  • Natural looking, perfect for a light makeup look
  • Soft dewy finish
  • Very hydrating, smooth and easy to blend
  • 12 shades available
  • Practical packaging
  • Very nice smell


  • Oxidizes to 1/2-1 shade darker after 5-6h, so be sure to pick up a shade lighter.
  • No SPF (for a CC cream, that’s weird)
  • Not for people who want high coverage
  • Not for going out, as it will wear off in ”harsh partying condition” (ha…)

Do I recommend it?

Yes, I personally love the smell and the hydrating sensation. If you have lots of problem areas, you might prefer a real foundation, but as a CC cream, this one is really nice. I especially loved the light, skin-like feeling. It’s my ”everyday light coverage” to-go choice.


Photo du 2015-02-05 à 08.35


Photo du 2015-02-05 à 08.36

L: Nothing, R: Foundation, As you see, my dark circles are still very visible

Photo du 2015-02-05 à 08.44 #2

Photo du 2015-02-05 à 09.02 #2

*These pictures were taken a few weeks ago, so that’s why I have orangey brassy hair. Current hair colour is light brown with a blonde ombre.

Review: TONYMOLY Tomatox Magic Massage Pack

Hi potatoes.

Today I wanted to review the TONYMOLY Tomatox Magic Massage Pack. I have bought this several months ago, and just finished the pack.

Price: 11.98$USD


Packaging is adorable!

Apparently, it is supposed to (from

  • ”Tomatox Magic White Massage Packis a multi functional massage pack with tomato extract that has a detox property to clear skin.
  • Contains lemon extract that accelerates collagen synthesis and also whitens and tones skin.
  • Baicha extract helps calm irritated skin while offering a whitening effect.
  • Houstonia extract is also known as a mysterious herb with 10 kinds of properties of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-allergenic, whitening, which all contribute to clear radiant skin.”

At first, I didn’t like this pack. I didn’t find it effective at all, except for cleansing properties. I was really looking for something that could make my skin whiter (like those kPop stars), so this review was going to be a more negative one. However, after taking before and after picture, I can see that my skin is a bit more brighter and more rosy. The effect are not dramatic, but they are here. And to be honest, I shouldn’t ask for too much considering it is only 11.98$USD.

How to use (from

  • ”After cleansing, apply on dry face and gently massage for about 1 to 2 min.
  • After massaging, leave it on your face for 5 to 10 min.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat with towel.
  • Use 2 to 3 times per week or use everyday as needed.”

This mask also does not dry out like other masks, it has a cream consistency. It also comes with a small spoon so you won’t have to dip your hands into the product.



You can see that my face has a more rosy tint on the cheek area afterwards, but nothing drastic.


Will I purchase this again?

No, it is one of the ”fun to try, but only once as they are many others” products. It cleans my face but nothing that wow-ed me as I was looking for something more whitening.

Do I recommend this?

Yes, it is inexpensive and hydrating. However, if you are looking for something more deep cleansing and with more brightening effect, I would suggest trying something else.

Review: Tony Moly Lip Click Styling Colour (video)



You might have read my last post about me dyeing my hair…well it didn’t turned out so well. Anyhoo…here’s a video review for the (discontinued) Tony Moly Lip Click Styling Colour (what a weird name for a lipstick…”styling colour”?).

I purchased those at They also have a 2+1 event going on, where you can get 3 for the price of 2!

I totally regret not getting the G02…!


Price: 10.48$USD (or 22.98$USD during the 2+1 event)

I'm wearing M06

I’m wearing M06


  • Good pigmentation
  • You can pick matte or glowy shades depending on your preference
  • Colours true to promotion picture
  • Nice packaging, I like the ”clicking” concept. The cap is also very secure! How many times have my lipstick gotten smooched in my make up bag because the cap fell off…-_-


  • Need to reapply after eating
  • Discontinued…
  • I would have liked more difference between the shades, some of them are very similar

Do I recommend it?

Yes, it has good pigmentation, and lovely colours for yellow skin toned people. It is also reasonably priced and the packaging is nice. It is not drying either!

Review: Revlon Nearly Naked foundation

Photo du 2015-02-01 à 12.44 #2

Man those eyebrows were such a pain in the ass to do that day. #oneofthosedays

Soooo I’m gonna review Revlon Nearly Naked foundation this time. I must admit, I didn’t have high hopes after the Revlon Airbrush Mousse Foundation fiasco, but boy was I wrong.

Price: I bought it at 10.99$ at Target Canada (Y U CLOSING TARGETTT…). It has 30mL, and a little goes a LONG way.

Packaging: Stupid bottle. It needs a pump! Either you pour too much or not enough, and you end up wasting some product or pouring it back in, which is not hygienic. As I said, a little goes a LONG way, so without a pump, the amount is very difficult to control. Every single reviews on the Revlon foundations (like ColorStays) must be complaining about the non existant pump, Y U NO CHANGE DIS, REVLON?

Coverage: Light to medium, but I would say on the lighter side of medium. I wouldn’t add more than 1-2 layers, because it might accentuate dry patches, but it’s buildable if you don’t have this problem.

Finish: It wasn’t sticky and gave me a natural, semi-matte finish, on the sheer side. I found it better to apply with a beauty blender or my fingers because since it is so liquidy, using a foundation brush gave me lots of streaks. It was very lightweight, not as much as my Givenchy Teint Couture Foundation, but still very light. It also doesn’t oxidize a lot, maybe half a shade darker.

Longevity: I was really surprised how well this held up. I applied powder and didn’t need to blot my T-zone at all! This foundation lasted me for at least 10h. Note that I always use a primer underneath my foundations, and this is the kind of foundation where you NEED to use a primer and powder, because otherwise it will accentuate dry patches and pores.




  • Semi-matte, natural finish
  • Long-lasting
  • Good price
  • Large range of shades (16!)
  • SPF 20


  • Not for night clubbing or pictures, because it gives you a white cast due to the SPF 20
  • Pa-cka-ging. Nuff said.
  • Definitely needs primer and powder, it settles into the pores.

Would I buy it again?

Well, that’s to be continued. I do think that for the price, this foundation is really amazing, especially considering the longevity, but my pores at the moment are really large and any drugstore foundation isn’t ideal for me. Anyhow, if you don’t mind buying highstreet foundations, this one is worth a try.


Photo du 2015-02-01 à 12.09Nothaaang

Photo du 2015-02-01 à 12.15 #2

Left: nothing (only primer) Right: Primer and foundation

Photo du 2015-02-01 à 12.20 #2

Foundation and BROWZZ. My natural brows are so sad, I will make sure my brows are on point before I get buried.

Photo du 2015-02-01 à 12.23 #2

Da fun part.

Photo du 2015-02-01 à 12.26


Photo du 2015-02-01 à 12.43 #2

Hamster face.

And yes, I’m well aware that my hair colour is horrid at the moment. It seems like every single time I dye it, it is perfect for 1 week and then it fades off to a orangey brassy creamsicle colour. I’m currently dyeing it again, let’s hope that it ends up better than last time.

Review: Aritaum World Glam Coating Tints (video)


I present you my first ever attempt at iMovie, as well as the saddest video edit ever. I’ll review Aritaum World Glam Coating tints that I bought at Jolse.

Price: 11.48$USD at Jolse (they currently have a 2+1 event, so you get 3 for 22.96$USD)


Update (02/06/15): The other video was awful, and I was a bit OCD about that so I had to do another one that was more detailed.



I’m wearing Shanghai.

  • Photo du 2015-02-05 à 10.29

    Left to right, top to bottom: Seoul, Bali, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai.


  • Great pigmentation
  • Beautiful colours
  • Nice selection of colours
  • Very nice finish, it’s glossy without being sticky!
  • Nice packaging!
  • Reasonably priced
  • Smells like lychee (?)
  • Swatches match the picture. Some people said the opposite but I found them to be very, very similar and accurate.


  • Not great lasting power, maybe 2-4h depending on the shade. They do stain your lips all day but if you want the bright glossy colour, you’ll have to reapply several times during your day.
  • Smells like lychee (for those who don’t like it)
  • Don’t buy this thinking they are a YSL lip gloss dupe (I know some people have been saying that), it’s like buying Burger King’s chicken nuggets thinking they will be like McNuggets…you just can’t compare them.

I am really satisfied with my purchase. It’s disappointing that they don’t last long, but the colours are really wonderful and very trendy, so I’ll get over that. Go over to Jolse to order yours, they currently have an 2+1 event (buy 2 get one free).

Review: Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss (4 shades)

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen this picture:



2$* for a 100% natural lip gloss? Hey guurl you just woke up that cheap asian gene in me (I’m asian so it is socially acceptable for me to make racist jokes).

*It was actually only the first 2 shades and the last 3 shades that were on sale, but I still got mine at 2$ each because I told that manager that the price label was confusing the manager totally has a crush on me and decided to give me the regular priced lip gloss for 2$.

A lot of my friends rave about Burt’s Bees products, so I thought I could give it a try.


Left to Right: Foliage, Spring Splendor, Rosy Dawn, Starry Night

Packaging: Normal, nothing cute. I like the safety sticker.


Colour range: 12 shades, not so bad.

Longevity: Bleeeergh.

Colour pay-off: Omfg r u fckng kidding me? I could have drank Kool-Aid and have a better colour pay-off. The darkest, violet shade (Starry Night) was the only one that gave some colour to my lips. And it only comes off as a red-burgundy, very, very far from the colour from the bottle and from the website. I needed to go over about 4 times before I see a difference, and this, of course, builds up that unpleasant sticky feeling.


Top to Bottom: Foliage, Spring Splendor, Rosy Dawn, Starry Night



  • 100% natural
  • Safety sticker
  • Cheap for the price I bought it at (2$)


  • No (or minimal) colour pay-off
  • Have to go over several times
  • Boring packaging
  • Expensive at regular price (over 12$)
  • Shades don’t match the one on the website
  • Non existant lasting power

Would I buy it again?

Hell no. Overall, it was a shitty lip gloss. I might get a use out of Fall Foliage (to add some gold over my orange lipsticks) and Starry Night, so 2$ was acceptable, but the rest…? Meh. I can’t believe it retails normally at over 12$. I know I only spent 8$ on these but I wish I could have bought McNuggets with this instead.

Credits: M. McDonalds



Clockwise: Foliage, Spring Splendor, Rosy Dawn, Starry Night

Bad quality pictures, but you can see little to no difference between Spring Splendor and Rosy Dawn.

Don’t buy.

Review: Givenchy Teint Couture Foundation

Hi fellow makeup addicts.

Today I will be reviewing my favorite foundation (at the moment): Givenchy Teint Couture Long Wearing Foundation (02 Elegant Shell).

Photo du 2015-01-29 à 09.26 #3

02 Elegant Shell

Price: 54$ for 0.8oz in Canada at Sephora. Some places have it for 59$, but I bought it at 54$. Usually there is 1oz in most foundation bottles, so Givenchy is on the pricey side.

Packaging: Super elegant, I love it. One pump of this foundation delivers the perfect amount for me.

Smell: It has sorta a smell/perfume to it, nothing unpleasant. It goes away afterwards. (Yeah I know I’m bad at describing scents)

Finish: My favorite part of this foundation. It gives me a satin finish, which I LOVE. It makes my skin looks flawless! I noticed that it oxidizes A LOT less than other foundations, something you always have to consider when you pick up a foundation btw.

Coverage: Medium. I noticed that my dark circles were less visible than with my other foundations. It is super lightweight, so I think if you need more coverage, you can put a 2nd layer without feeling super cakey. I only need one full pump for my face (and I have a big face, no joke).

Longevity: Awesome. When I didn’t set it up with powder, I had to blot my T-zone once, and I think my makeup lasted about 10h. When I did set it up with powder, I didn’t need to blot and my makeup last a bit longer, maybe 12h. Givenchy claims it last for 15h, but like every foundations I have tried, the longevity claim is always sketchy. Anyway, with a good primer and setting powder, this will last you all day.




  • BEE-UU-TI-FOUULL finish, very smooth and satin like.
  • Medium coverage that is buildable but still very lightweight, not cakey at all
  • It has 20 SPF without making you like a lightbulb in pictures
  • Elegant packaging with pump
  • If you set it with powder, it is very long wearing (12h in my case)
  • Minimal blotting needed to none
  • Very, very minimal oxidizing


  • Tested on animals 😦
  • Made with a lot of alcohol, so if you have problems with alcohol in makeup, you might reconsider buying it.
  • Pricey

Would I purchase this again?


Makeup Transformation


I have been feeling very confident and easy–going about showing my naked face lately. I noticed that many bloggers only post the ”after” picture with full face makeup on…I personally prefer to see the transformation, not just the result.     

Step by Step Pictures

Photo du 2015-01-29 à 08.29

Bare face

Photo du 2015-01-29 à 08.33 #3

Left: With foundation Right: Nothing

Photo du 2015-01-29 à 08.36 #2


Photo du 2015-01-29 à 08.44 #2


Photo du 2015-01-29 à 08.48 #3

Almost done

Photo du 2015-01-29 à 09.24 #3


And you ain’t getting away from this post without my signature duck face. (Aden filter)